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Friday, 21 July 2017

An evening out.....

This morning, Andrea brought us in to where she works.  We were put in charge of Pens.
We love Pens!!!

Later on, we helped with the tryping because sometimes Andrea spells things wrong.  We spell things wrong too but we do it funnier.

She has a Beanie calendar and this month, it's Beanie the Train Driver!!!

When we finished work, we got a Number 2 bus all the way into Brighton and tied a CD to a railing!

Then we got on a Number 18 bus and tied a CD onto that one as well!!!

We got off here at Pepper Pot.

And we found a pretty flower!!!

We went to see Arnty Vicky and we gave her two presents!  Arnty Bev was there too and we gave her a present as well!!!  Arnty Vicky gave us a present too - a minion that swings a ball and chain!!!
We ordered an Indian and a Chinese take away meal for dinner and we all completely stuffed our faces.  And still had left overs to take home!!!

We slept on the bus on the way home...... we're still stuffed!!!
That was a fun night out though!!!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Seafront Detour...!

This morning we decided to go for a walk along the seafront..... next door has scaffolding almost all the way round the building all the way to the roof.  And they only built it about ten years ago....

That's a Union Jack flag down there!!

There was a bouncy slide thing over the road and it's a piratey one!!!  There's even a hook on it to swing from!

See?  There's the pirate boat!

It's lovely out today, really warm!

We saw grafitti too!!

and loads of beach huts!!!

They're really pretty!

Oh wow!!! Look at all those rosehips!!

There's LOADS of them.....!!!

And that flower is nearly as tall as the tower block!!!!!!!

Oh wait, I don't remember seeing that building before......


And then we came home...... That was nice!

Friday, 7 July 2017

We got a parcel!!

There was a package waiting for us when we got home today!!!


It's a bunch of floppy discs that Andrea got cheap off ebay!!!  The gizmo doodads aren't metal like the other ones, they're black!! Oh fu....!

Monday, 3 July 2017

Look what we found!!!

Andrea came home with an oversized bottle today!!

And it's got money in it!!!

Wow!  There's loads!!!

We helped her sort it all out - this is American money

On the left is a euro coin, middle is an old English farthing and on the right is an English penny!  Andrea says the penny is ours!!

On the left, a 20 Isle of Mann, on the right a 15 cent Bahamas square coin!!

We're not sure what these are, although the one on the right MIGHT be Spanish.

These are Spanish pesetas but you can't spend them now because they're pre-Euro money

We're not entirely sure where these are from either, although the double headed eagle on the back is vaguely Russian we figure.

So - does anyone out there know where the unknown origin coins are from?  Does anyone out there collect coins?  Would you like some of these?!!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Russians and Revolutions......

Today, Andrea got us up early and said we were going out!!

So we all pootled off up the road to the bus stop....

And got off here at the train station!!!

And just in time to catch our train!  Excellent!!

We made a couple of little video's travelling through the countryside....

And arriving at Blackfriars train station.....

We remembered to leave a tag on the rail too!!

And we got off here at St Pancras!!

We're going to see this expedition at the British Library!!!

We left a bookcrossing book in the Courtyard first.....

And then went in. 

And then we spotted how long the queue was!!  But then Andrea reminded us that the Library opens at 11 a.m. on Sundays and we'd arrived bang on 11 a.m....... and besides the line moved along really quickly

We got a ticket for £6 on our Art Pass card and went to see this expedition here Russia and it was super interesting!!!!  We can't remember everything but we might go back again because it was so interesting!  We bought three books from the gift shop (and some badges and postcards!)

We insisted on sitting on the book bench because we really love it!

They'd moved the cannon ball round the back this time.

We made use of the facilities and left them a tag.

And then went and said hello to our favourite sculpture!

By now we were really hungry so we went to find somewhere for lunch..... and left another tag on a railing!

We went past here!!

And the fancy clock too!!

And we spotted a new drinking den of eniquity!!

We went up to this building...

Five Guys is a burger place and we've been told it's really good.  But when we looked inside this one, it was "order at the bar and then hope there's a table free when you get it" type place with really loud music, so we didn't go in.

So we went back to the bus stop.....

And got a bus up to here..... hang on, this looks kinda familiar.....

Oh!  Fox on the Green??  I know a Fox!!!

BYRON BURGERS!!  I love Byron Burgers!!!

We found another playing card!

We got a fizzy drink in a seriously chilled glass!!

And then we got a Byron Burger with fries and it was FAB!!!

Then it was a short walk down the road....

And got another bus - they got a tag too!

Here we go - we're off!

And we got off here again outside Kings Cross!!!

We tied another tag to a railing....

And then walked down the road to the station!
What a fun day out we've had!!!

Not too long for our train home either!!

And we're off!!!

We made another video too!!

We left them a tag too!

And we're back!!

And there was a bus waiting for us outside the station too!!

And then just a short walk back from the bus stop!!!

And on top of that, we both found a penny each on the pavement in London!!!
We're rich!!